Cinema , Aesthetics, and Philosophy

Image from Derek Jacobs

When talking about arts, most of the time, people would mainly remember paintings, sculptures, designs, and the likes. More often than not, music, theatre, and cinema are forgotten or usually not mentioned during discussions. In this lesson, we talked about cinema, film theories, and technicalities in the world of film & aesthetics. 

Growing up, I have always enjoyed the feeling of being inside a movie theater as it takes you out of reality and into the world of the characters you are watching. Whenever I watch films, especially in movie theaters, I would usually be drawn in their world and this is mainly because of how the film was made. Building up the scenes, setting up frames, color grading, embodying the characters, focusing on the shots and cinematography—all these, and more are what makes up a movie. These technicalities in the world of film have been evolving nonstop ever since it was invented, and as time pass by, I have grown to better appreciate the things filmmakers do behind the scenes; this appreciation transcends to when I am actually watching the scenes and the whole film that they have made. 

The world and aesthetics of cinema can relate to the practice of interior design in limited ways. One would be set designs; this is a crucial part in the world of theatre and cinema as this sets the place of the scenes being shown on screen or on stage. Set designs work to interpret the concept, story, scenario, emotions of the scene in a more accurate way. This also helps in setting the mood of the scene. Second, the learnings from this lesson have taught me that the spaces you show and create would highly affect your audience or client. No matter how small of a corner (in cinema, this can be compared to a change of an angle) is, if it is designed well with a purpose, the client would be able to have a change in perspective and would value the space created. 


Jacobs, D. (2015). Plot & Theme. The Basics of Film Aesthetics. 

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